The world of Projections

Dear all, a perfected being now understands the unreal world in the real sense. The stula and sukshma sacrifices with the level of karana being understood, one visualizes the world in its right way. Now he sees his own sthula as a mere projection of the limited ego with the attributes derived from karana. The ego since it’s the strongest identification of one’s limited state will make the projection visible to the ordinary levels and present the stula as a reality. The rasa, guna and the tatwas are all in ratio as per the accounting of karmas with the karana sharira. The sukshma thus loses its true nature and projects the body as its state.

The state of projection is different with luminous ones, ethereal beings, human beings and lower order beings like animals etc. Let the focus on the human beings and lower order beings.

When the projection for the sthula is determined it needs a center for interaction and confinement. The mind is formed as the epicenter of these two facilities. The mind process continuously the interactions of sthula projection and also eclipse the one from the true nature. The developed level of karmas and the ability to think (the one who thinks is called manava) makes the stula representations varied in manifolds. Even from the mere color of skin to the nature of interactions and tastes, the stula projection expresses complex variations in traits. The birth of an individual is there for only happens when a suitable couple projects their immense desire to have an offspring.

When we looks at animals, they have a less developed mind and hence they are similar in the projections to a major extend. The lesser the level more similar the projections.

This reality explains every phenomenon and validate whatever science invented and yet to invent in future. Apart from as Sthula projection, the karana also projects in the subtle realms also. These projections and how the cosmos exists will be discussed next.

Cosmos and Beyond

Dear all, the projection known in the visible realms alone restricts the interaction of existence. The karana projects in the subtle realms also to fulfill the karmic debts. These soft projects are subtle and hence seldom noticeable by the ordinary mortal being. The preference of a particular place to a immediate bonding with strangers are phenomenon which is created by a soft projection.

Since the individual have no understanding in this karmic interaction, he/she just is a spectator to these events. The cosmos is just the present reality of the beings in the same levels of projections. The rules are common among them. The visualizations are common among them. The imaginary dangers are common among them. Every feeling which is experienced by the manifested gunas through the medium of five basic elements are also common. But based on the nature of gunas, one may feel differently with other based on a moment or projected situation.

In the microcosmic level, the limited self with its level of reach identify with a certain level projection; a certain world. In macrocosmic level, the collective projections webbed by the level of consciousness in the specific dimensions forms the cosmos. The events of the specific world is determined by the grand scale projection of the consciousness in that level. And those limited selves who have a karmic debt interacts in that level of world with their respective projection and experience the results of the same. Thus the dvaita and advaita philosophy is merged at this understanding. Being the one as consciousness and Being dependent on the consciousness to stay with the one.

Like this cosmos, there exist many worlds. There exists many levels of manifested consciousness and transcending from one level to another cannot happen with the complete microscopic control of being in sukshma, sthula and karana levels alone. It requires skills beyond that.

Revisiting the Cremation ground

Dear all, the individualistic perspective of enlightened level is clearly expressed, now it’s the time for the enlightened to visit the cremation ground. This time he/she never feels at all alone in cremation ground. With the virtue of the clarified bodies, he/she visualizes the various beings present in the cremation ground with the deeper perception.

The accomplished now do a shava sadhana on the corpse which is of the opposite gender. The procedures are of the same in this case as before. This time the corpse chosen should be fresh. In other words it should be not been in the state of death for long. In short, the vyana, the vayu should not be allowed to leave the body.

The shava sadhana in this level will bring the connection of the vyana of the aghori to the vyana of the subject. This is the first of the time a heterogeneous projection is established with the will full effort of the accomplished one. The vyana of the opposite gender mingles with the vyana of the accomplished one and the intent of the very creation of the being is known now to the aghori.

When traverse through the vyana, the aghori accomplishes connection with the other vayus and agni’s of the being in its previous states of lower forms and also this heterogeneous interaction kindles the understanding of the connection with vyanas and agni’s of the animate and inanimate beings around as a result product of the sadhana.

Since human is the known stronger projection to this world , all the elementary levels beneath it is visualized and this whole world projections are manifested in front of the aghori as the collective will of many interlacing projections. But with the power to control the basic tatwas of one higher order being, the aghori has accomplished his/her ability to control anything that pertains to this world.

Now the jagat is midhya to him/her. Just a manifestation which he/she can produce with the very intent involving respective souls which fit the realms.

Across The Worlds

Dear all, with the complete understanding of the levels of existence with the deeper level tatwas, the aghori can now enter into the state of deep contemplation. Now with the new found knowledge of the intermingling of projections in this current world , he/she can see what has happened , what is happening and whats in the future as resultant by products of the various projections.

Now its time to shrink the sthula to the sukshma. The subtle understanding to tatwas provide him/her with the ability to control them in gross level also. Thus with the intent of the aghori, the five elements drops its projection to the world and the mind becomes detached. This mind which seeds the ego merges to the true identity of the being; the self. The karana sharira is now a spectator. With the closed eyes, the aghori closes his existence to the external world which is the reality to the human beings.

The kundalini which is awakened in him/her will give with choices of world to manifest. Now the aghori can vary the level of consciousness to manifest in any of the lokas or worlds and communicate with all beings pertaining to the world.

It’s all of projecting oneself into the desired world with the attributes that suits the world. This is how the immortals traverse and the luminous ones. The way is always the same.

The Astral worlds

Dear all, lets now understand the worlds of sukshma. The world of sukshma is in various levels. A nominal karana sharira for our world, it does not mean that the sukshma loka has no debts attached to the Aghori, the enlightened one.

Every man or woman who dies ordinarily has a chance to go to some sukshma loka to enjoy the brief period of good karmas before returning to earth once again. But the freed karana sharira in the earthly realms allows the aghori to stay in the sukshma lokas whichever one he owes debt for the casual body or karana sharira in that levels.

The description of sukshma lokas are beyond words to explain. The accomplished one can be of any stature, creates and destroys any animate and inanimate objects at will. The beings on this sukshma world are connected by the very intent to communicate. The levels of understanding are guided by perception. The worlds of beings are of light – luminous ones, demi gods, ethereal beings etc many classes and classifications belong here.

The interactions in this world should be only understood either through death with good karmas and or becoming an accomplished one in which ever path one embarks upon. I am not at liberty to explicitly mention minute details.

As an accomplished one, if one decides to accept the duties of any world of sukshma in any of these trips, the aghori visits once again to this world. This time he/she visits back for the last few days.

“Death” of the Sthula

Dear all, the accomplished aghori who accepts such a duty in any of the sukshma loka returns for one last time to this earth and becomes visual in the physical realms. Now the time has come for the final ascent.

The last ritual in the mortal realm is to appoint one person to do the needful disposal of the sthula sharira. The aghori in the adept stage itself develop the capacity of identifying the one who is going to cremate him/her. On the auspicious night after bidding the farewell, the accomplished aghori asks his chosen one to join him/her at midnight. If the chosen one is a disciple, this is last 3 hours for the master to tell him any further instructions. The disciple need to be prepared to travel his/her progress without the bodily confined presence of the master.

At the beginning of the Brahma time in the morning, the aghori will enter into the final meditation and with the help of the vayu pervading in the body, he/she opens the brahmarandra, releases oneself and casts this sthula forever. The disciple or the chosen one can set this body to fire preferably from a funeral pyre.

The ashes are collected carefully and disposed in the river or ocean. No after death rituals is needed for this cremation as there is no bondage of the accomplished one with this realm through the karana sharira. It’s now accomplished one’s choice to return to earth in whichever form he/she likes as any other ethereal being or luminous ones.

Final Post

Dear all, the duties of an astral ascended being is beyond to be shared for the reader of this thread. But I would like to share some details; more general regarding sukshma lokas.

The ascended being will undertake his/her new duty in any of the sukshma loka as per the karana sharira’s debt and will undergo cycles of progress across various sukshma lokas. After these cycles, one lose the nominal karana sharira also and the sukshma will be more finite beyond projections to nodal existence. This infinitely capable minutely finite state merges with absolute consciousness; the static aspect of the cosmic force and will dissolve its identity completely and identify with everything from finite and infinite; once and and for all. Till the cosmic force starts another interactive interplay of its dynamic and static equilibrium with absolute consciousness, its perfect liberation.

The interesting aspect of sukshma lokas is whenever one ascended wants to come and stay in lower realms like earth or this set of dimensions, its possible at one’s own risk. Either one can manifest or one can take birth by lowering to the level for further divine play. But if further karmas incident on him/her than intended he/she will have to again follow the process of cleansing and other related austerities for making the karana nominal.

I hereby conclude my purpose of life on Aghora. None of these words are mine, instead written through me as a medium. As a being, now I surrender myself to the divine will and the state of consciousness bestow on me by cosmic force.

My final prayer for all you dear ones is:

“May the truth of words here dawn in you the radiance of thousand suns illuminating your consciousness, May you all be beings of higher realms in time with the force of the divine mother, May you all taste the elixir of eternal life, May you all have the lasting peace and freedom from cycle of lives and births here in earth and in astral realms”

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